Little Vintage Babes Story


Begins with a mom, a dream and a family:

I am Ericka, a work at home mom of one and having a desire to create fashions all started when I was a child. I would take pieces of scrap fabric from my mother's sewing room and turn those discarded textiles into beautiful gowns for my Barbie dolls, displaying each one like a model strutting the catwalk. It remains my dream to this day; to create something meaningful out of nothing, and become part of the fashion industry, little did I know that my dream would become a reality once my daughter was born.

Little Vintage Babes was inspired after I created Socklings. After realizing that the customers of Socklings wanted more than socks for their kiddos, I started testing children's clothing patterns, and Little Vintage Babes was born. Each item I create is inspired by my daughter and my love for vintage fabrics. I hope you all love this journey we take together and I am so thankful for your support of my small business.